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Hall of Fame: Another Time

It’s been a long time since I inducted another class into the IHGB Hall of Fame. This group features men who managed to make my heart melt while they were brooding in period costumes. So much can be left unsaid when a kilt is involved, am I right? Jamie Fraser I’m going to give you a moment to keep staring at his face. That chin is just one of the

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Return of the Hall of Fame?

If you had asked me if Zachary Levi was in the official IHGB Hall of Fame, I would have emphatically answered, “Of course!” I would have directed you to my website and instructed you to do a quick search and you would have looked blankly, informing me that he must have been inadvertently left off the list. Watch this darling video and ask yourself, “How can that be?” A. He

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