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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Halloween Week

That sound you heard last night was a million girls taking to social media to scream in protest that their beloved “internet sensation” Hayes Grier was kicked off of Dancing with the Stars. He came in a 15-year-old boy and will leave a 15-year-old werewolf with a pretty sweet beard. It’s Halloween week on Dancing with the Stars. Settle down with a pumpkin spice latte and some orange tinted Oreos,

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Famous Dance Night

Kudos to Dancing with the Stars for sucking me into “Famous Dance Night” with an epic opening number that showcased professional female dancers in toast tights and black leotards. Choreographer Mandy Moore and her 80s-themed routines always make me smile. So does Whitney Houston’s “Dance With Somebody.” If that wasn’t enough, Dancing with the Stars executives invited Olivia Newton-John as a guest judge! Sandy + Danny = FOREVER! This episode

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Switch-Up Week

I personally love when Switch-Up week rolls around on Dancing with the Stars. I like to see how excited everyone is to work with someone new, even though they have to pretend to sort of hate it. Although last night a few people flat-out admitted that they were having a better time with their new partner. I’m looking at you Paula! Then performance night arrives and they can’t help but

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: TV Theme Night

In one week, certain members of the Dancing with the Stars cast have managed to shake things up on the competition. Kim had a mini-stroke (whaaat??!!) and documents her three-day stay in the hospital. Not being able to fly + not being able to practice + not being able to perform = elimination. Tom Bergeron recites the official rules that were created in 2005 and they are unflinchingly rigid. If

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: Lots of room to grow

Can you believe there have been 21 seasons of Dancing with the Stars? At this point, ABC has run out of soap actresses and retired football players who are willing to throw on a little sequins and perform junior high level choreography in front of a live audience. Even Len Goodman hung up his dancing shoes this round, leaving more time for Bruno to shout out inappropriate innuendos at those

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