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IHGB #222 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 6

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about Week 6 of The Bachelorette. Katie is making major strides in her journey to find love as she cuts FIVE guys from her roster.  Some Guy in Austin and I break down the episode by answering the questions that keep you coming back each week for more. For example: What is the ideal timeframe to know someone before you get married? Eight hours? Ten hours?

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IHGB #221 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 5

Hello everyone! Let’s talk Week 5 of The Bachelorette.  Just when you think Katie eliminated all of the problem children from the resort, Hunter decides to tap into the monstrous side of his Jekyll and Hyde personality. I clocked thirty minutes of harmonious bliss before Hunter slipped into a wrestling singlet and willingly slammed his body into anyone holding an orange ball.  And when I say “harmonious bliss,” I mean

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IHGB #220 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 4

Hello everyone! Well, it was The Thomas Show on this week’s Bachelorette. This is not an exaggeration. The contestants talked about Thomas, participated in a group date, talked about Thomas again, waited around for a rose ceremony, and talked about Thomas some more.  That is why Some Guy in Austin veered way off topic more than once during the show. But, in our defense, I do think you will find

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IHGB #218 Bachelorette Katie Recap: Episode 2

Hello everyone! Well, it was a wild and crazy second week. One that left Katie dropping hardcore F-bombs, not once but twice in a matter of twenty-four hours. I’m not sure if you picked up on this, but some individuals may not be here for the right reasons. Some Guy in Austin discuss this reality, along with some other things we noticed, such as: Does the Canadian have bear claw

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IHGB #210 — It’s a Love Story: Hope Floats with Rebecca

We are doing things a little differently this month with the love series (sponsored by my book: It’s a Love Story soon to celebrate two years of existence – HOLLA! This week I’m discussing Hope Floats with my rocket scientist/author friend Rebecca.  That’s right. She’s both left brained and right brained. Of all the romantic movies in the world, I’m glad Rebecca picked Hope Floats. Why?  Exhibit A. Harry Connick,

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