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IHGB #266 — Top Gun: Maverick Review

One quick note before I start. I am having knee replacement surgery and will probably be posting podcasts sporadically during the month of June. It just depends on how my body responds to everything. I assume that I should be fine since I’m receiving a surgery reserved for someone in their golden, but those who have read my book understand that my body doesn’t respond to things the way other

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IHGB #264 — Remembering Naomi Judd

We lost an incredible entertainer this week. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss how Naomi Judd built a bridge between her heart and mine. She was a determined woman with a talented daughter and a dream. May she rest in peace. EPISODE NOTES: Here’s a Spotify link to my Judds playlist! SHOW NOTES: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or Android Follow Me: Facebook and Instagram and Twitter Buy My Books: It’s a Love Story and Why I Hate Green Beans

IHGB #263 — It’s a Love Story: Notting Hill with Lara

Hey everyone! Continuing with the celebration of romantic comedies and my book It’s a Love Story, I’ve asked Lara to come and talk about her favorite love story of all time: NOTTING HILL! Join us as we sift through the timeline, spinning back to 1999 when all we worried about was Y2K and if there would be enough batteries in the world to sustain banking software. It was a simpler

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IHGB #262 — Greatest Hits Albums Volume 2 with Some Guy in Austin

Y’all, I went back and forth if I should confess this or not, and I decided that the Internet is forever, and this information is totally Google-able. I thought this was the first time I have ever discussed greatest hits albums on my podcast. Something felt very déjà vu about the afternoon I recorded with Some Guy in Austin. But I kept blowing off the feeling that I had done

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IHGB #261 — It’s a Love Story: My Best Friend’s Wedding with Mama

This month, we are doing things a little differently with a love series (sponsored by my book: It’s a Love Story” soon to celebrate three years of existence next week – THAT IS CRAZY. In this episode, I discuss My Best Friend’s Wedding with Mama.  Did you know that My Best Friend’s Wedding celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer? Can you believe it’s been that long since we felt horrible for sort of rooting for

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