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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 17: Tony, Danny, and Bud

When I asked Some Guy in Austin if he wanted our first non-Bachelor related podcast to focus on John Travolta, he shouted “YES” before I could finish my question. Needless to say, Tony, Danny, and Bud shaped my adolescent self in the ’80s and the same can be said for my friend. We have a ball talking about our favorite John Travolta memories. Saturday Night Fever was formative for SGIA.

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 16: Fall TV 2017

It’s almost time! The fall TV 2017 grid is looking good, don’t you think? Lara and I discuss what shows we are excited to see return, which shows we are binging, and if there are any new shows worth watching. First of all, I’d like to thank Knox and Jaime over at the Popcast for producing an awesome show depicting what they are watching this fall season. I adore those

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 15: Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Finale

Can you believe we’ve reached the finale of Bachelor in Paradise? It seems like just yesterday we were shutting down and speculating what happened in a certain hot tub. And now here we are with a newly engaged couple on our hands, proving that the BIP franchise is as successful as successful can be. Some Guy in Austin and I break down the entire finale for you. We talk about

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 12: Bachelor in Paradise Episodes 3 and 4

On the twelfth episode of the iHateGreenBeans podcast, Some Guy in Austin and I discuss the Demario and Corinne scandal. As a lawyer, Some Guy has some interesting thoughts on the topic. We also talk about how the arrival of D-Lo and Sarah shook up the entire dynamic of the group. And finally, we debate on proper half-birthday etiquette. (Spoiler: That’s not a thing) Enjoy the show!

I Hate Green Beans Podcast 11: Favorite 80s Movies

My sister Jamie joins me on this episode of the iHateGreenBeans podcast and we discuss our favorite 80s movies! We have a few disclaimers, so make sure to extend a little grace when you don’t hear us drone on an on about Dirty Dancing or 16 Candles. I hope you enjoy the show!