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IHGB #297: Never Been Kissed

Hey everyone! Continuing with the celebration of romantic comedies and my book, “It’s a Love Story,” I asked Mama to come and talk about a fun romcom my mom had never seen before — Never Been Kissed! Join us as we turn back the hands of time to 1999 to discuss the charms of Drew Barrymore and the angst of high school clicks. Just listen to this storyline: Josie Geller,

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IHGB #296: The Chosen

Hey everyone! Well, we are on the other side of holy week, and I thought it would be a great time to highlight one of my favorite TV series, The Chosen. Lara, Todd, and I discuss our favorite episodes, our thoughts on faith-based shows, and how a laughing, loving, intentional Jesus is both entertaining and impactful to watch. EPISODE NOTES: Interested in watching The Chosen for free? Click HERE! SHOW

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IHGB #295: Grease 2

Hello everyone! Today’s podcast is another in my “It’s a Love Story” series, sponsored by my book of the same name, which celebrates four years of existence this month. What in the world? We’ve done 21 of these episodes, and traditionally, when we come up with a quintessential love story, something a little more mainstream than Grease 2 comes to mind. I imagine the majority of you haven’t even seen Grease

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