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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: And Then There Were Two

Netflix is airing Jason Mesnick’s season and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was a season before high definition, black modesty boxes, and statement necklaces, but it was still glorious. Join me as we walk down an eleven-year-old Memory Lane into the dramatic tales of Jason Mesnick and his journey to find love! Originally posted February 17, 2009 Jason Mesnick Season, Episode 7 Kudos to ABC for keeping me on my

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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: Hot Dogs, Salsa, and Stalkers

When Netflix started airing Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor, I noticed two common themes running through my DMs and emails: So THAT’S what “pulling a Mesnick” means! Are you going to recap Jason’s season? First, I’m thrilled that after eleven years, “pulling a Mesnick” is still part of the IHGB vocabulary. That’s quite a feat. And to think that it has spun off so many versions of itself is

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