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Good Friday

How long?

Dear reader, let me begin by declaring that the last four months have been a hot mess. If the first half of 2020 received a letter grade from a teacher, it would be an “F” written in bold, red letters. If we had to rank it on Amazon, it would receive one star for poor performance. If it was an Olympic gymnast, judges would award it low marks for not

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Good Day

Death was their goal. Life was the outcome.


We are studying the book of Exodus in church. I marvel at how God rescued His people out of bondage by a man named Moses in the form of Charlton Heston. I also marvel at the fact that five seconds later (figuratively), the Israelites begin to complain about their unfortunate circumstances. They grumble: What’s up with this desert? Are we ever going to stop? Have we been abandoned? Are we there yet? Is this what our

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