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Holiday Wish List — Volume 3

Dear Santa, Could you please get me some tickets to see Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show? I’d like to experience something like this up close and personal. Also, since I’ll be traveling to New York City, Hamilton tickets would be nice, too. You’re the greatest! Lincee

Thank you notes from the last 48 hours

When Jimmy Fallon introduced “Thank You Notes” a few years ago, I was totally on board with the bit. Then I read Jen Hatmaker’s book For the Love and she dedicated three entire sections to her readers’ own thank you notes. I guess the concept has been on my mind because in the last 48 hours, there were moments when I giggled to myself as I conjured up my own

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This is why I love Emma Stone

I’ve written about my love for Emma Stone HERE once before, but this video is proof that she is awesome. So is Jimmy Fallon for that matter. I’d host a dinner party for the two of them and their significant others. I’m off to listen to Blues Traveler now.