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Lessons Learned from ‘While You Were Sleeping’

A few times each year, I like to look back on a beloved movie and share lessons I have learned while watching said movie over and over and over again. Since it’s December, I traditionally toss a little love to favorite Christmas movies, like The Holiday or Love Actually. This year, I’m turning the time table waaaayyyy back to 1995. It was the year Sandra Bullock solidified herself as a

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Lessons Learned from ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

Did you know that My Best Friend’s Wedding celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday? Can you believe it’s been that long since we felt horrible for sort of understanding why Jules wants to steal Michael back? (Sorry Kimmy!) I completely blame this movie for my belief that “If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud.” Dermot Mulroney is so very handsome in a chiseled sort of way, don’t

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Lessons Learned from ‘Love Actually’

I’m guessing that if you clicked this link, you are a fan of Love Actually. When you’re not watching it in the middle of the summer on a random Tuesday night, you probably snuggle up on the couch each December in your red snowflake pajamas, sipping your hot cocoa as you root for the romantic heroes of this holiday tale. As I mentioned last year when I posted lessons learned

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Lessons Learned from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Four months ago we celebrated Pretty in Pink’s 30th anniversary and now it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’s turn. Once again, my friend Stephanie rallied the troops so we could all enjoy one of our favorite flicks at an actual movie theater. Look! There’s Abe Froman on the big screen! It was glorious. It also proves that 1986 was a stellar year. Even though I once had a legitimate crush on

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Lessons Learned from ‘Pretty in Pink’

Pretty in Pink is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this month. Aside from feeling really, really old, I also felt really, really excited when my friend Stephanie suggested we go see the flick during a special anniversary showing at our local movie theater. Watching Ducky Dale on the big screen was everything I hoped it would be — and more. The fashion was awesomely abysmal. The music was interestingly quirky. Molly

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