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My Thoughts on the Miss America Pageant

If you took two hours of your life to tune into the Miss America pageant, you probably noticed that two things were missing. 1. Chris Harrison as host 2. The swimsuit competition That’s right, people. This ain’t your Mama’s Miss America from days of yore. This is Miss America 2.0. Bouncing boobs are forbidden. Exposed butt cheeks are a thing of the past. Cleavage has been replaced with pant suits

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Thoughts on Miss America 2016

The Miss America pageant is my jam. And it’s not because Our Host Chris Harrison is the emcee. I love the beauty and the poise and the nostalgia. I enjoy picking my winner and blessing girls’ hearts. I like to call and text back and forth with my sister, Mama, cousin and few friends who DVR (read: stumble across) this event like I do. It’s tradition. The pageant has changed

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My thoughts on Miss America

I’ve been watching televised pageants for as long as I can remember. In fact, the Miss Texas pageant was a scheduled event in our household, much like the one-time-a-year ABC would air Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz or the Ten Commandments. We would settle in front of the television with our TV trays and cheer on our favorite contestants. My daddy can spot a Miss America winner during the

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