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Valentine’s Day Movie Poll

I was scrolling through Instagram over the weekend and noticed something odd. Nicholas Sparks was everywhere. Because I make it my job to know if there is anything resembling a brand new love story opening in theaters, I am well aware that my boy Nick doesn’t have a film slated to debut in the near future. Then it hit me. Of course The Sparks is all over social media. He’s

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Holiday Wish List — Volume 2

Dear Santa, I wrapped my present. I just need you to deliver it. Love, Lincee  

Ryan Gosling on SNL — Long live the shoulder shimmy

Here’s the deal: It’s not that I thought Ryan Gosling did a bad job hosting Saturday Night Live. There were definitely highlights that made me laugh. I blame my lack of enthusiasm on high expectations. And the fact that he never took his shirt off, even though one skit BEGGED for him to do so. Also, no one can beat Jimmy Fallon or Justin Timberlake as host. The deck is

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Slink’s Links

For those of you who watched The Wiz last night, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Although it have a few glitches here and there, I think it was a pretty decent rendition of the movie. Elijah Kelley as the scarecrow was my favorite and I am in constant awe of how Mary J. Blige doesn’t seem to age. She looked GOOD. Here are some holiday-themed links to get you

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A man made of my dreams and a man made of tin

.@RyanGosling and @leonbridges are here this week! #SNL pic.twitter.com/ipMfy9gDwT — Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) November 30, 2015 Set your DVRs people, because The Gosling is performing on Saturday Night Live THIS WEEKEND! Do you think he did this on purpose to show People Magazine that he could care less that they snubbed him once again during their “Sexiest Man Alive” campaign? Lord help me if he turns out to be

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