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Dancing with the Stars recap: Finale Part 2

By now you’ve heard (or you noticed the photo of this post) that Nyle and Peta took home the mirrorball trophy for season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. I have to say, they deserved it. Although I would have jumped for joy if Paige had won, no one can say that Nyle can’t dance. He can. Here’s a quick rundown of 11 takeaways from last night to help you

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: The boys came to PLAY!

Once again, I woke this morning and read the horrific news from Brussels. And once again, my heart hurts for the hatred that is viciously pumped into our world at every turn. My prayers go out to those who were directly involved in the attack and for the families whose lives are forever changed by this act of terrorism. Dancing with the Stars Recap: Season 22, Episode 1 Everyone is

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