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IHGB #176: Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

Hello everyone! Okay, here’s the thing. When I was on hiatus for two months, a few things happened that had me reeling, but one was particularly devastating. I learned that Dr Pepper was in short supply. Although a travesty, I thought that since I lived in Texas where Dr Pepper was born and raised, I wouldn’t have a problem finding the delicious beverage.  I thought wrong. It’s taken some diligent

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Sticky Music

This month is always crazy. Every year I look up from eating leftover Valentine’s Day candy I purchased for sixty-percent-off at Target and it’s somehow already the end of March. How does that happen? I’ll tell you how. Because I’m the person who should have her head examined for launching back-to-back books in consecutive years. Note to reader: Don’t ever do that. It’s a Love Story comes out on April

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IHGB Podcast #74: Taylor Swift Reputation Concert

Happy Thursday everybody! Well, it’s episode 74 and today we’re dissecting the Taylor Swift Reputation Concert Stadium Extravaganza! I chat with my friends Susan and Lara, who also attended the show, and we discuss our favorite songs, our favorite moments, and how Lara wants to take back everything negative she said a year ago when we podcasted about Taylor’s new album. Taylor, I know you’re listening. Lara asked me to

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