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Official poll results: Jacob is hotter

Not only is the werewolf literally hotter than Edward (from a blood perspective), the feedback from the majority of audience members during the 7:30 showing of Eclipse at my local multiplex last night was inexplicably TEAM JACOB.  For every 20 Jacob t-shirts, sweat shirts and homemade water bottles (what?), there was only one Edward representation. Let’s put the evidence of said paraphernalia aside for a moment and examine the REAL

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Saw it. Loved it.

I know this is another New Moon post, but just hang with me here.  I promise it’s the last one.  And it’s 11:14 p.m. as I type this and I am frantically trying to post something before midnight so my National Blog Posting Month promise will not be tarnished. Top 10 List of Everything I Liked About New Moon: 1.  TEAM JACOB 2.  When the girls in the audience screamed

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Midnight showing of “New Moon”

So I went to the Jackopierce acoustic concert (awesome) last night and had every intention of going to the midnight showing of New Moon. But I was too tired after the show ended.  And I went to the early one.  How sad is that? I know.  I’m a bad fan.  I do have advanced tickets to join all the tweens and their mothers after work, so never fear, I will

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