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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale recap: First comes love

After six weeks, Jade and Tanner found love on Bachelor in Paradise. Mike Fleiss is smiling in a big pile of money as he watches his franchise continue to grow in potential success stories. Harrison has left the island for an undisclosed roomful of taut women in PG-Rated bikinis. No, he’s not traveling with a harem—he’s the emcee of the Miss America pageant airing this Sunday on your local ABC

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: The kids are not Mexican

Things started off kind of awkward on Bachelor in Paradise. Juelia gets stung by a jellyfish and Tenley is the only one with a full bladder to save the day. Let me be clear—this was not the awkward part. If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you. The awkward part is the fact that neither one thought that Tenley should pee in a cup and then pour

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Why limit happy to an hour?

There are few things that make me stand up and hold my laptop over my head in triumph when it comes to watching Bachelor in Paradise. Joe being dumped on national television is certainly one of them. Ames showing up in crisp red pants is one too, but that’s another post of another day. I have to brag a bit—I saw it coming when Our Host Chris Harrison called Samantha

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Lots of pants are on fire

You know an episode of Bachelor is Paradise is going to be epic when Jorge the Bartender lands a spot in the cast roll call video and Our Host Chris Harrison reminds the audience during the opening that Joe is “paying the price for being a BLEEP.” (It’s like duck, but with different vowels.) I settled in, fully aware that this show is careening off its rails and I have

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Low blow by Joe

“If you’re going to play someone, you probably shouldn’t pick the widowed mother.” Well said Tanner. Joe and Juelia were never going to make it. Can you imagine her baby toddling around with little brass knuckles? That’s just uncouth. I’m jumping ahead of myself. Welcome to week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise! Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s fun social media recap. I had a ball looking

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