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Ryan Gosling on SNL — Long live the shoulder shimmy

Here’s the deal: It’s not that I thought Ryan Gosling did a bad job hosting Saturday Night Live. There were definitely highlights that made me laugh. I blame my lack of enthusiasm on high expectations. And the fact that he never took his shirt off, even though one skit BEGGED for him to do so. Also, no one can beat Jimmy Fallon or Justin Timberlake as host. The deck is

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10 years later and I still love ‘The Notebook’

This week marks 10 years since I sat in a darkened movie theater, mesmerized by The Notebook. It had everything I’ve ever wanted in a romance: young love, lost love and a determined man who will stop at nothing to get the girl. Ryan Gosling was certainly the cherry on top. I’m probably one of a million girls who either own the movie or can’t help but watch when it’s

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