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Valentine’s Day Movie Poll

I was scrolling through Instagram over the weekend and noticed something odd. Nicholas Sparks was everywhere. Because I make it my job to know if there is anything resembling a brand new love story opening in theaters, I am well aware that my boy Nick doesn’t have a film slated to debut in the near future. Then it hit me. Of course The Sparks is all over social media. He’s

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Soundtrack of My Life: Give a Little (or take a little) Bit of Heart & Soul

Valentine’s Day can be hit or miss, depending on your recent relationship status update. Last year’s Valentine’s Day playlist was a success due to the fact that I anticipated this factor while creating a mix tape for you. I had something for the lovey dovey people, but I also had something for those who may gift themselves with their own box of chocolates this season. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I

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Soundtrack of My Life: My funny or irritating Valentine

For those of you celebrating Valentine’s Day with chocolates, roses and diamond necklaces in the shape of a heart, have I got the playlist for you! It’s an eclectic mix of country confessions, ’80s hair band ballads, old-school crooners and all the love-themed tracks you would expect on a Valentine’s Day mix tape. So pull up Spotify, search for the playlist below and make good choices this weekend! For those

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