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It’s time to give a shirt

I watch The CW. I understand that this is not news to any of you who know me or visit this site on a regular basis. My love for teenybopper shows started way back in 1998. If we were forced to put a label on it, people would have to describe me as loyal or consistent. Or maybe someone who appreciates a good love triangle. EXHIBIT A: Team Pacey —

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‘Hart of Dixie’ season finale recap: Insert hiccup here

Love was in the air on last night’s Hart of Dixie recap. Check out my recap over on Entertainment Weekly!

Enertainment Weekly trusted me with a clip!

You know you’ve done something right when Entertainment Weekly trusts you with an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie! Sadly, it does not feature my beloved Wade Kinsella, but love is definitely in the air. Click HERE to watch! And keep the Friends one-liners coming on the post below. I’m having so much fun with that post!