Team Jesse

All aboard for Team Jesse! Snow board that is…

Recap coming. I’m a little busy with my assembly line making these t-shirts. $20 bucks a pop. I’m going to make a million from this and donate it all to JSAK.

I know you guys need a place to discuss/vent. Here you go.

Oh…and the shirts come in S/M/L/XL/XXL. You can get white, black or tie-dyed backgrounds. Order now before they are all gone!

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June 24, 2008 7:52 am

Thanks Lincee…………..You know your readers well. I have been busting at the seems since last night…..

FINALLY…..something to be excited about in this series……

Jess finally raised his game. He actually started giving the guys some competition. I really liked his family and DD seemed to fit in really well with them. I could see her being with him after this hometown visit. He came off completely loveable, but something is still nagging me about him. Is it just me or does he come off like a little brother and doesn’t really seem like marriage material??

Jeremy. I have not been a major fan of Jeremy’s and he has actually fallen into the “creepy” zone several times this season. However, he scored mega points with me this week. I loved that his family did not hold any punches and genuinely seemed to want the best for him (way to go Jason). I can completely see him married to DD. I am just wondering if she will decide to let him go because he is too safe.

Jason. Adios…………….. I thought the whole “kid” thing was completely overplayed and actually showed how awkward she is with children. C’mon DD a golf ball?????

Graham, Graham, Graham……………..OMG. He was sooooo much better than he had been in the past. He just seemed really laid back and kinda into her (to my surprise). He was definitely in his comfort zone. I am so glad she sent him home though because I could see last night that she just wanted to change him, you know? He is a quiet guy, some men just don’t wear their feelings on their sleeve and are not as open. She just kept complaining about him not being open enough, news flash “HE NEVER WILL BE”. Either accept the guy for who he is or move on……………………

Honestly, I though she was going to have a major breakdown after she let Graham go. I could really see how much she really wanted things to work with him. Given a different set of circumstances, I think they may have worked out.

June 24, 2008 8:00 am


What are you talking about??!! Jason is the most sincere person here except for Jesse (who is, by the way, awesome). She would be lucky to end up with either of those guys.

As for Graham. Ugh. The only reason she was falling for him was the fact that he was pulling away. She would have been miserable with him.

So, I’m pulling for Jason or Jesse. I’d be happy with one of those shirts! Also, you need to make one with a tie printed on it!

Oh, Lincee, will you please add the button that allows you to subscribe to posts via email? Your site is blocked at work so sometimes it takes me days and days to get to you. If you go to my blog, you can see the function as part of feedburner.

Thanks and go Jason or Jesse!

June 24, 2008 8:10 am

Moments that stood out for me last night:

–DD didn’t know what the Space Needle was (I almost died)

–Graham drinking that scotch and water during their last alone time together. That boy seriously needs to come out of the closet and stop causing himself so much internal stress–his mother would love another son! (I liked his parents)

–I WANT JEREMY’S CONDO!! Holy cow. She could move right in and not have to lift a finger. Wow.

–Jesse’s dad wearing that hat with the long hair was too funny. I want her to marry Jesse’s dad. He’s such a sweetie.

–Apparently, she didn’t know Graham’s last name until their basketball date–how does that happen? You could possibly be engaged to someone in a matter of weeks and you don’t know their last name!! I’m thinking she didn’t think Deanna Bunn would sound nice, so she sent him home.

Can’t wait for Lincee’s recap!

June 24, 2008 8:11 am

With Graham cracker…its very simple…she wants what she can’t have. She likes the challange…her sorrow was over the fact that she could not catch him and it was tears of defeat. But hey atleast she figured out he was closed off emotionaly before they had 3 kids in 4 years together and she is stuck in a loveless marriage.

Jeremy is a tad bit on the creepy ocd side. On the back of the cycle, did anyone else noticed she was crouching tiger hidden DD? I mean she was basically in a little ball.

Jesse is awesome!!!
Jason rocks!!
Bye Bye Jeremy.

June 24, 2008 8:13 am

Kristi – I agree with you. I am all for Jason!! I think he is completely genuine. I also thing the producers are editing it so we think someone else will win. I do LOVE Jesse, but I don’t think DD does. I think she appreciates him for who he is, but at the end of the day they are different people. Can’t see her living in a house decorated with snowboards (though it was very cool!).

June 24, 2008 8:15 am

Diddo Kristi #2, Jason is great! Anyone who says different is confused. I completely agree w/ everything you said. I’m now torn between Jesse & Jason.

June 24, 2008 8:24 am

I really like Jason and I would pick him for me, but for DD I would pick Jeremy. Seems like the best fit for her. It didn’t look like ABC could edit out how she looked at Jason. She didn’t seem into him at all.

June 24, 2008 8:25 am

I just wanted to say that last night had me crying (literally!). I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that I’m 8 months pregnant and very hormonal, but something about last night’s episode got to me.

First — when they had to say goodbye to Ty. Start the waterworks…I mean the whole family was crying. I do think Jason is a fantastic dad and I do not agree w/the previous poster who said he was awkward w/kids. The golf ball, I believe, is because Jason is a golfer (cue scenes from last week’s episode that showed him on a golf course). I LOVE Jason’s family and I do think that Jason, Ty and DD could be a cute lil’ family. BUT…I worry that she is more in love w/the idea of being an insta-family than she is with him. I think she’s in love w/the idea of him as a father and of course I think she is in love with that cutie-patootie, Ty. I do see him being one of the final 2, though.

The whole Graham situation at the end had me crying, too. I think we finally saw that Graham WAS into DD. He just isn’t great at showing it. I think part of it, too, was that he was playing a little game w/her and he realized, at that moment, that he screwed up. I don’t see how anyone could NOT see that he really did like her. He seemed torn up that he was having to say goodbye to her. He was even tearing up in the limo! And when he busted out w/that card/note for her? I just lost it. I really wish they could have worked out because I do think that she was in love with him and I think he wanted to be with her…but for whatever reason, he’s closed off and has a very hard time expressing himself. I did love his family and could have seen her fitting in well w/them.

Jesse is still my fave! I like that DD said her relationship w/him has been the most “real”, i.e. they started off as friends and are now blossoming. I loved that he chose the carriage ride to make his move and from the looks of it, he’s a pretty good kisser!! =) I love that next week he tells her he doesn’t know if he can do the overnight date until he’s met her dad. Way to be a gentleman (vs. Jason who doesn’t even finish reading the card and says, “okay, let’s go!”). I, too, thought Jesse’s dad showing up w/that crazy hat on was hilarious!!!

Jeremy — he grew on me this episode, but I think the “he’s perfect” thing will ultimately be his demise. I predict he will be next to go. As a sidenote, though…I loved his house and I really loved his super adorable dog! And how hot was it that he was on a crotch rocket?! LOVE a man on a bike!!!

Char Char
Char Char
June 24, 2008 8:28 am

Ok, I can truly say last night was the first “exciting” night. But I would like to ask ABC what is up with the 500 commercials. That became very frustrating. And then the whole season of Wipeout and giving us the sneak preview. I could have screamed b/cuz at that point, we were waiting on the rose ceremony. ABC….just want you to know, that was NOT COOL!

Now, on to finally the best show EVER from the most boring bachelorette EVER!!!!

Jesse – Wow…I have a new found respect for him. I heart him after last night. He was truly comfortable back on the snow and his board. And he really showed her what his world will be. His parents loved them! They totally rocked! And I love the advice his dad gave him. You can tell they have a great relationship. I thought Jesse let his guard down, brought his A++ game and really showed Deanna that he was in to her. I like that he wanted the first kiss to be special and it was. But I couldn’t help but think back to Seinfeld and the carriage ride and the horse blowing beefaroni out of his bum.

Jeremy – Ok, I need to know when this was filmed. I was quite disturbed and had to text my friends last night. I live in Houston, and though it’s hotter here than Dallas, but its still Texas and its still HOTTT!!! Even in December, it’s hot in Texas. So, why did Jeremy have on a t-shirt, jeans and pumas, while De (looks ridiculous) anna have on a long sleeved shirt, jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. This one, I really need someone to explain to me.
Loved Jeremy’s family….I think his brother Jason was right on to lay into her. And I think I have a new found respect for Jeremy. He really brought his A-game. I know it was very hard to open up and share. And I would like to thank Jeremy. I give him a hard time quite often, but the journal that he wrote in when his mom died, I did that when my dad died, and to share that, at this point for me is not an option. So….Jeremy, you tugged at the heart last night.

Jason – This entire date was not cool to me. First, clearly she knows not a dang thing about kids. Why would she give Ty a golf ball? Note to Deyanna….not a gift you give a 3 year old. And then the Greek food. And then the leap frog game. And then Ty screaming his lungs out b/cuz he didn’t want his dad to leave AGAIN so he could go make out. This entire date was a disaster!!! Oh and I wish they would stop pushing the Greek thing b/cuz it was a toast she should have given w/that shot. She just doesn’t know ANYTHING GREEK!!!

Graham – This boy just oooozzzes SEXY! This was the most comfortable he has ever been. But one MAJOR was that Deanna was not comfortable. She sat very stiff on the couch when talking to his parents. She never seemed to relax. And I’m not sure what happened between walking out the door and the bench, but the way Graham is, I think nothing. I think for him bringing a girl home, was serious and it was just weighing on him, making him realize this was real. And she doesn’t know him well enough. She is clearly the girl that lays in bed each night going, what’s wrong? And when the guy says nothing, she keeps pushing.

And finally the rose ceremony…..Again, Graham looked SEXY! Though I really didn’t appreciate his outfit. Jesse reminded me of Don Johnson from Miami Vice in the white suit and black t-shirt. After it got down to Jason and Graham, from last week and Jason saying Graham was the front runner, I’m sure he pooped his pants standing there. But she realized how well she didn’t know Graham. Because though she felt he wasn’t opening up, he was. And I loved when he pulled the letter out. I’m sure she had to throw up after reading it. And I’m sure the guys kept wondering where she was. I would give anything to know how long she sat on that bench before going back inside and if she did go back inside.
But whomever she ends up with. After watching last night, I would be pissed and so checking out of the relationship. She pretty much said last night, I am falling in love w/you Graham, not those other bozo’s, just you. And I am keeping them b/cuz I have to keep three this week.

June 24, 2008 8:28 am

#2 Kristi – YES! On Lincee’s old blog you could subscribe to Post Comments and read them in the RSS… much easier! Plus you know when there are new comments! Please Webman??? : )

As for Graham, she seems confused… she likes the challenge but is confusing that feeling (and the attraction) with falling in love.

With no upcoming scenes of the Home Depot alter, I think she’ll go after Graham in the end.

June 24, 2008 8:28 am

CAN! NOT! WAIT! for the Men Tell All next week!

June 24, 2008 8:31 am

Where do the castoffs go when DD gives them the boot? Do they put them all up in a hotel until the final rose has been given? … just curious …

June 24, 2008 8:32 am

I know I shouldn’t…but I was so pulling for Graham. He is a hottie!! I just realized his parents live right down the road from me. Hate I missed the actual filming that would have been fun to check out! Maybe it is just me, but I feel really bad for Jason’s kid…What if she doesn’t pick him and poor little Ty is crushed that he never gets to see DD again or what if she does pick him and then his dad is going to marry a girl that he barely knows? I just think it is wrong to involve the kid at this stage…imho.

June 24, 2008 8:33 am

Seriously? Who has never seen the Space Needle? I know Seattle seems like a back water to some people, but I’m pretty sure they show it on Grey’s Anatomy every week. Does DD not watch ABC?

Go Jesse! I wish he’d cut his hair – he looks way cuter when he pulls it back off his face.

What is with Jeremy leaving up his bar exam study notes? In my experience, most attorneys want to erase any memory of having to study for the test and move on with their lives as soon as they’re done with it. He seems to dwell on the negative and depressing a little too much – I understand the bond of both losing parents, but it seemed like that’s ALL they talked about the whole time. I’m sure there was editing, but is there anything else there?

Did anyone else notice that she didn’t hug Graham’s parents when she left? Was that just edited out too?

June 24, 2008 8:35 am

LL, I agree with you completely. I would definitely be picking Jason, or Jesse, but I really think that Jeremy is the one she would work best with. They have stuff in common, they’re both stylish and “mid-to-late-20’s-professionals,” they’re both a little into themselves, but they both seem like ok people overall. Totally not my type, but he seems like he may very well be DD’s. I guess it just seems like their lives would mesh the best out of the remaining guys.

Also, I just can’t see her marrying either Jason or Jesse. Jason is so awesome, and so great as a dad and a person, but I don’t see her moving to Seattle, and he can’t be anywhere else, really. His family is there, and moving Ty for a girl? Don’t see it. Jesse seems genuine and all around rad, but I don’t think that she’s attracted enough to him for it to be a long term type of thing… Does that make sense?

It’ll be interesting to see who she ends up with!

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