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Four months ago, I wrote a post (SEE HERE) about the various live shows I had attended so far in 2011.

Go on. I encourage you to click that link above and just marvel at the wonder that is Billy Currington and Harry Connick, Jr. They are sooooooo pretty. And talented.

At the end, I teased you about how I was going to see New Kids on the Block, encouraging everyone to abstain from being jealous that my fake boyfriend Joey McIntyre would be serenading me from section 104 of the Toyota Center in downtown Houston. My inner eighth grader was absolutely giddy to belt out in my best falsetto, “I’ll be loving you foreeeeevvvveeeeerrrr.”

Well it happened and it was awesome.  But before I tell you about the boys, let me tell you about a few MEN who paid me a visit this summer.


Come on! How hot is Jon Bon? I will never forget. It was the best day ever. My friend Mary called me and said, “Do you want to go to Bon Jovi tonight? My sister-in-law has a Groupon for $9.”

A. I think it’s funny that Mary even had to ask.
B. A GROUPON for Bon Jovi? What in the world?
C. How did I not know that Bon Jovi was going to be in Houston?
D. I bet he has better hair than me.

The Groupon $9 tickets were definitely not the best seats in the house. In fact, they were behind the stage. HOWEVER…the huge screen that was utilized as a back drop was right in front of us. So technically, an enormous version of Jon Bon was right there, asking…practically BEGGING me to lay my hands on him. And he looks exactly the same! It’s as if he waltzed right out of my May 1985 copy of Teen Beat and into my heart.

For the encore, the lights were down and the rumbling of the crowd began to swell. We knew it was coming and the anticipation was killing us. Especially that 40-something-year-old woman who was gyrating in her best hyper-glo skirt from the 80s in front of me. And then the sound issued forth with great control and poise:

“I’m a cowboy…”
And 20,000 people answered, “ON A STEEL HORSE I RIDE!”
“I’m wanted…”

If you don’t already have these songs in your repertoire, my heart just died a little for you.

– Wanted Dead or Alive
– You Give Love a Bad Name
– Living on a Prayer
– Blaze of Glory

Michael Bublé

I was first introduced to Michael several years ago when I fell in love with the soundtrack from Wedding Date. I’ve been a fan since that summer. I love crooners. It wasn’t until I saw him perform on Saturday Night Live with my other fake boyfriend John Hamm that I really started liking him as a performer.

The show was in Austin. I wore new platform shoes, tripped on a piece of nothing and fell on the concrete in front of the Frank Erwin Center. Bublé fans are so nice! Two men, whom I undoubtedly flashed while crashing and burning, ran over to pick me up. And of course some “motherly” types searched in the bottom of their purses for wadded up Kleenex to fix my blood-spewing knee. HOW SWEET!

Michael was ON that night. He doesn’t take himself seriously at all and you can tell he thrives in front of a live audience. He’s spontaneous, he’s smart and he walks around in the crowd. He also speaks my love language…sarcasm. Plus, he has an adorable charm to match that adorable face.

– Georgia On My Mind
– Feeling Good
– Sway
– Home
– Everything

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK — (and that other boy band from the 90s)

I have to say, I was surprised when I arrived at the concert to find so many girls in their 20s. You see, I sort of overlooked the BSB part of NKOTBSB. I noticed the row of girls in front of me and my 30-year-old friends all Facebooking and posting about how they are rocking out at the Back Street Boys concert and never once felt silly wishing I had my old button the size of a dinner plate on my shirt to proudly display my undying love and affection for Joey.

You see, that’s the purpose of NKOTBSB…it brings generations together in unity, celebrating the love of pop music, cheesey love lyrics and this guy’s shirtlessness:

When he ripped his tank off during “Cover Girl” I thought, “Someone has been using his brother’s old Calvin Klein modeling days workout routine!” before quickly staking my allegiance to TEAM DONNIE.

The 20-year-old row didn’t even flinch. I almost shook the girl in front of me as I was standing on my stadium chair screaming my lungs out to make her pay attention and TWEET THIS YOU FOOL! Then the Backstreet Boys came on stage with the new boy band anthem:


Cheese. Whiz. Bless their hearts. Donnie should take his shirt off again.

– You Got the Right Stuff
– Hangin’ Tough
– I’ll Be Loving You Forever
– Please Don’t Go Girl
– Step By Step


Man.  Love was alive and built a freaking bridge between my heart and theirs that night.  I absolutely adored this show.  I went with a fabulous group of girls and for the first time in my live music going life, I was able to sing every song on the set list word-for-word.  It was glorious.  Wynonna was hot and Naomi was the fun comic relief.  She put all rumors to rest that Wynonna is Elivis’ love child.

I’d like to see some DNA results before believing that statement to be 100% true.

Someone once told me that if I had red hair, I’d look like Wynonna.  After watching her perform and hearing her sing “How Great Thou Art,” I take that as a huge compliment.

– Love is Alive
– Young Love
– Mama He’s Crazy
– Have Mercy
– Rockin’ With the Rhythm of the Rain

Now it’s your turn.  Write me in the comments section or email and let me know who sounds amazing in a live concert.  I’m willing to drive practically anywhere within a reasonable distance to experience the music.  It truly feeds my soul.  SOUND OFF!

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October 5, 2011 11:16 am

OH my gosh! What fun you have been having! I love the “playlists” you have suggested. You had me singing…quietly, but with gusto… to my computer as I read! Live Music is so fun.

I haven’t seen them, but Lady Antebellum has got to put on a great live show…they sing with great conviction as it is! A friend of mine recently saw Colbie Caillat and was really pleased with the show.

October 5, 2011 11:25 am

If you’ve never seen Keith Urban live, you haven’t truly lived. He is amazing live, he sounds great and well, let’s be honest, he looks even better. He can work over an electric guitar and isn’t afraid to get into the crowd with his fans. I have been to several Keith concerts and have NEVER been disappointed.
My recommendations:
Raining on Sunday (oh sweet Lord)
Til Summer Comes Around
I Told You So
Better Half (which holds special memories for me of getting to molest Keith’s glorious arm during)

hot mess
hot mess
October 5, 2011 11:25 am

Love, love, love Michael Bublé. He is so funny and witty and can sing and is good looking and I can listen to him all day, any day. His concerts are a must. Love Bon Jovi and used to love NKOTB back in the day. I also think Sting and James Taylor are must sees. They are classic performers that don’t need all the bells and whistles and shock value of some of today’s artists.

Nee Nee
October 5, 2011 11:54 am

I saw Merle Haggard! And while he’s not pretty, well, at all, he’s THE HAG and I was SO EXCITED to see him!

I’m also going to see Don Williams next weekend in Winnie. Can’t wait! I love seeing the legends…

I’ve also recently seen Erasure (how’s that for an eclectic jump from classic country?) and a lot of Sean McConnell – if you haven’t checked him out – please hit up YouTube – you won’t be disappointed! Check out Praise the Lord, A Prayer You Can Borrow, Saint’s Heart (in a Sinners Skin) and Maybe You Could Love Me Anyways, for starters… 😉

October 5, 2011 12:02 pm

Ray LaMontagne…enough said. AMAZING and powerful.

October 5, 2011 12:18 pm

OMG Lincee, we must be music soul mates!

Bon Jovi will always be hot, hot, hot. Though my all time favorite song from ANY artist EVER is I’ll be there for you, makes me cry happy tears every time. Being a Jersey girl originally I’d have to say, I have never heard anybody say anything but great things about him as a person too.

Michael Buble make my heart swell, there is just something so right about his voice.

I am 36 & can sing every word of NKOTB songs like they just came out yesterday. My 11 yr old daughter just didn’t get their appeal when I played/made her listen to my old cassettes(yes, cassettes.

Also Aerosmith has always had me swaying to the beat. There are just too many great song to list!

As of lately, Lady Antebellum is just so great, but I’d have to say my new favorite has to be Maroon 5. It is simply impossible to hear Moves like Jagger & not well, move.

Thanks for reminding me of all the great tunes I love so much. I will definately be You Tubing some videos on my computer at work today!!

October 5, 2011 12:34 pm

I attended the NKOTBSB concert in New Jersey as a 100% tried and true BSB fan (I’m 26…just caught the tail end of NKOTB madness at a young age), and let me tell you: when Donnie Wahlberg ripped his tank top off, I blacked out for a minute. I blacked out again during Joey’s solo at the end of “Please Don’t Girl.” I went in loving only BSB, but definitely came out loving BOTH!

October 5, 2011 1:15 pm

Words fail to describe the CRAZY hotness of John BonJovi..oh LAWDl…those lips!!!!!!!! I have never seen him live…lucky you!

Wynonna? There is not a better female singer on the planet. She is beautiful at all sizes and her soulful voice is in a class by itself. Naomi is 2 cups of crazy. Wynonna has had to overcome alot in her life…she sings from a deeper place than most…guess that’s why it’s so good.

Love you Lincee…thanks for the post today.

October 5, 2011 1:22 pm

I saw NKOTBSB in Phoenix with my sister and sister in law and it probably makes the list of top 5 most awesome nights of my life. When Donnie ripped the shirt, I think I may have stopped breathing. And the ladies behind us were saying some very inappropriate things about what they would like to do with Mr. Wahlberg.
As far as my recommendations to you, Miss Lincee… See Luke Bryan. He sings “Country Girl, Shake it for Me,” and while that is far from my favorite song ever written, lordy! he can shake it! He’s very good looking, full of Southern charm, and a lot of fun!

October 5, 2011 2:04 pm

You are an excellent music ” suggester” …. I have one for you… She is an independant artist but I know you will love her, if you love Amos Lee you will definitely love Ashley McBryde! Look her up, she is on itunes… Anything on her elsebound album is amazing but I suggest for you…

Whole Damn Thing
Some Things
Break it Fast

Go. Now.Please.


October 5, 2011 2:57 pm

Hilarious!!!! I too saw the NKOTBSB concert in Tulsa. I went with my 40+ year-old friend and her 17 year old daughter and her friend. The 17-year-old daughter asked…”How old is that Donnie guy? He’s HOT!!!” Both her mother and I flatly stated…”To old for you sister!” But it was nice to see that Donnie’s new abs transcend a 20-year-age-gap.

As I was enjoying his abs and (I’m not going to lie) getting a little embarrassed that grown adult men were doing that stuff…I thought how odd his journey has been from teen pop sensation, to scary movie manorexic, to TV star and now back to ab-revealing pop star. Ohhh Donnie….

October 5, 2011 3:01 pm

Jason Mraz is amazing live. Keith Urban, too. Leann Rimes’s voice is unbelievable in concert.

October 5, 2011 3:24 pm

Keith Urban puts on a heck of a show! So great! And I recently got to see Garth in Nashville…talk about a performer, if you ever get the opportunity if he goes back on tour…take it!

October 5, 2011 3:43 pm

“That other boy band from the 90s”??? Really??!!! Backstreet Boys were my FAV!!!

I saw Michael B in Vegas once – LOVED him. His sarcasm was out in force and I loved every minute.

Love your blog Lincee!!!

October 5, 2011 3:52 pm

Funny you should ask…I just took my 8 year old daughter (along with my sister and 16 yr old neice) to Taylor Swift last week. She was AWESOME!!! I felt like I was in a play – live music event – tv show. She changed I think 9 times, flew around the arena, came up from the ground playing a piano, sat near a tree with only her guitar. I actually thought there would be out of control screaming girls, but I think because she was moving around so much and had a great set that people were actually listening, or singing along with her and not so much screaming. It is hard to get tickets, but any seat is a good seat. Plus she sang for 2.5 hours straight!

Because of the whole Taylor Swift w/ daughter thing, I took my son this summer to see American Idol Live. That was also fun and entertaining. It was great how you almost get more than one concert because there are so many different styles of music being sung. The tickets were cheap and the performances were great to watch. I would recommend if you like the top 10 you should get tickets and go to one of those next summer.

We saw Rascal Flatts last summer…let me just say we will not ever go again. Too many breaks, not enough singing…just plain boring.

I also went to George Strait and Reba in concert together and that was amazing. Who doesn’t just love both of them anyways?

I like how you have a good range of music and people you went to see. Thanks for sharing!

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