Top 10: Breaking Dawn Edition

Check out the Top 10 most anticipated moments for this weekend’s debut of BREAKING DAWN (part one) over on my side, side gig at  Click HERE!

PS:  I will be in possession of an “Imprint This” shirt before the weekend.  I just need a hot iron or a Sharpie.

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November 17, 2011 9:14 pm

I had hoped to make it to be at the theater and watch all of them again with the culmination being the midnight show. Sadly, not this year. I cannot wait to hear your take on it and look forward to seeing it Saturday morning. :o)

Also, can we please start a petition now so that Part 2 is in June rather than next November? The thought of waiting a year to see the finale seems a bit mean, right?

Bluegrass State Laura
Bluegrass State Laura
November 18, 2011 2:34 pm

Bianca, I will sign your petition!! I too think it’s not very nice to have them a full year apart. Aren’t they finished filming it??

I have to wait until Tuesday to see it with my BFF, but I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!! I’ll be anxious to see how they handle to growing child. 🙂 And, I will be beyond disappointed if the line “Why am I covered in feathers??” is not in there!

And yes, TEAM JACOB…o;-)

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