I love to share. What started as digital communication on this website has evolved to live communication in front of captive audiences. Those who attend my speaking engagements receive the added benefit of wild hand gestures or maybe an impressive French accent. I embrace the opportunity to walk alongside people as we navigate this thing called life. My hope is that we can arrive from point A to point B in a relatable and entertaining way. All I need is a podium large enough to hold my notes and a Diet Dr Pepper.

For the last several years, I’ve had a ball visiting businesses, churches, women’s groups, and non-profit organizations. Each talk is carefully crafted to fit that particular speaking event. Although I’m completely comfortable adjusting to an event-driven theme, most of my topics include pop culture, Biblical character studies, faith-based focuses, and responsive writing or blogging.

I think it’s important to disclose that serving green beans at your event is not a deal breaker. #theyfollowmewhereverIgo

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