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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: The crying game

Raise your hand if your head hurts from rolling your eyes while watching Bachelor in Paradise? Does anyone else feel like the ABC Psychotherapist needs to intervene? We have some serious issues bubbling over in the various nooks and crannies of the resort and I’m mixture of bored and sad. I’m borad. Someone hysterical goes home. Seven people cry. JJ spouts metaphors like a Lit professor at the local JuCo.

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: I don’t want you to want me

The totally rad opening featuring a nostalgic ‘80s throwback roll call is the perfect example of why I love Bachelor in Paradise. Tenley hits a Disney pose, Kirk dorks out, Jillian lifts a piece of driftwood over her head and Harrison reads his own book. This show and its players, completely understands what it is—a colossal hot mess . Those lucky enough to get a golden ticket embrace their free

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ recap: Indescribable feelings

I have thoughts about Bachelor in Paradise. The obvious thought is clearly all the money earmarked for Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette was spent in Paradise when someone got a really good deal with the Irish Better Business Bureau. These fools have it made! According to the opening montage, there will be carriage rides and bungee jumping and bartenders on the beach who know your name! It’s like a summer

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