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It’s almost the freakin’ weekend y’all! I hope you have big plans to conquer the world, kick butt and take names. And if that means huddled under a fuzzy blanket horizontal on the couch? So be it. Check out some of my favorite links this week after the jump!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m having a ball writing for Entertainment Weekly. I wrote THIS on New Girl and THIS on Hart of Dixie, but I really want you to read THIS because the new guy on Glee is not only talented, but an absolute muffin. Go to iTunes now and listen to his version of “Mustang Sally.” I haven’t purchased any songs from Glee in years — until now. If you have been looking for a reason to return to the show, he is it.

My friend Natalie posted 5 Closet Musts on her blog. Natalie is the one who dressed me when I went out to LA for “Women Tell All” and had to look hot for Our Host Chris Harrison. And she tells me what shoes to buy so I’ll be considered fashion forward. She also taught me to part my hair the opposite way from normal when I wear a hat (which is often) because this simple action will promote one’s hair from doing that weird woo-hoo thing when you take your hat off. If I babysit her daughter a few hundred mores times, all will feel even.

This is a wonderful post about how to introduce friends at parties or social gatherings. I’m going to implement it immediately.

Road trip anyone? Here’s the New York Times list of 50 places to visit in 2015.

It wouldn’t be a Friday if I didn’t include a Friends link. These are modern day scenarios for the gang! Note: It looks like the website is forcing you to click on Netflix advertisements, but look at the description in the box. That’s where you find the new plot description. It took me a while to figure that out. You can thank me later for being your idiot!

Happy clicking!

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January 20, 2015 3:04 pm

Been reading you since like 2006!!! First heard about you from a friend in Texas who knew you from high school or something. Anyway obviously now you are my internet hero and i’m so happy you are a contributor to EW and all these other fabulous things.
Do you ever blog about Castle? I saw that he is one of your internet boyfriends. I LOVE Castle and have been the biggest fan since season 1.
Ah… Friends. I just wish we could bring it back.

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