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There’s this weird stuff falling from the sky here in Houston. It’s called rain. And all I want to do is climb under the fuzzy blanket that lives on my couch and watch old episodes of Vampire Diaries. Alas, there are only a few hours left in this work day. The fuzzy blanket will have to wait.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t click these links until quittin’ time! Have a great weekend everyone!

Today marks 14 years since September 11th. Here’s hoping we never forget.

This is a cool website that lets you pick out a movie to rent or watch on Netflix based on what you are in the mood to watch!

I heard Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend was quite the looker. I also heard he might be a bit of a bad apple.

You have to watch this ball boy at the U.S. Open make an amazing catch without blinking an eye!

Did you know that Urban Cowboy is going to be a TV show? I have thoughts on this touchy subject.

I’ve written 20 recaps for America’s Got Talent this season. What’s a few more?

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September 15, 2015 1:20 pm

I love your recaps, they’re great.
I’ve seen pictures of Samantha before she upgraded her look and suggest the reason the guys fell ‘under her spell’ was – 1. she dyed her hair dark to contrast between with her skin and contact colors, then 2.she wore something similar to the Big Eye Circle contacts that are the rage in Japan. They make female faces look doe-eyed..Manga-ish. Even Ashley S. looked to have these lenses in at times. Check out Violet Grey Fusion Contact Lenses and tell me that doesn’t look similar to Samantha’s eyes. They’re only about $24. Another thing someone picked up on,that reinforced the idea of Sam wearing unusual lenses was she could be seen on several shows having large grayish blue irises and then her eyes were brown on another day. Maybe she was in a rush and forgot. Hey, it’s hard for a girl to keep so many balls in play.
Looking forward to more recaps. M.

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