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IHGB #334: Bachelor Joey Recap: Sausage Flying At My Face

Hello, everyone! Well, after two nights and four hours of Bachelor Joey, I’ve finally figured out that our boy loves all women and would gladly marry anyone. In this episode, Some Guy in Austin and I try to figure out how we can help Joey navigate this journey. Should extra points be given to: Poor Autumn. Here’s hoping the ABC Intern offered her a refreshing breath mint before her alone

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IHGB #333: Bachelor Joey Recap: Lexi’s Got Talent

Hello everyone! It’s episode 3 of The Bachelor, and Joey is already having to navigate a mean girl situation. The bad news is that the villain is extra spicy and a whole lotta clueless. The good news is that Maria was able to shut the nonsense down with one sentence.  Some Guy in Austin and I marvel at Maria’s line and discuss several other important matters, such as: The answer

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IHGB #332: Bachelor Joey Recap: It’s Not Red Velvet

Hello, everyone! It’s a great time to be covering The Bachelor! I’ve had so many listeners, readers, and friends approach me about Joey and how they are fully on board with his season! And I couldn’t be more delighted. Some Guy in Austin and I break the second episode down with lots of laughs and lots of questions. For example: Some Guy in Austin opted out of that discussion. Understandable.

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Bachelor Joey Recap: It’s Not Red Velvet

Bachelor Joey Recap | Season 28 | Episode 2 I apologize, dear reader, for not posting a recap last week. I was in Disney World, and time got away from me. I claim Disney magic and straight-up nostalgia as my excuses. I love that place! Last week, the show began with a forlorn Joey beside the Proposal Pedestal™ weeping his way through what appears to be a tumultuous journey to find

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IHGB #331: Bachelor Joey Recap: I Love That

Hello everyone! Can you believe that we are kicking off Season 28 of The Bachelor? Gone are the days of twenty women nervously exiting a limo and giggling at their chance to find love with a stranger. Nowadays, there are so many cringy icebreakers that we have to edit it down from thirty to the top fifteen most embarrassing mishaps. Some Guy in Austin and I discussed how many times

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