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IHGB #282: Now Playing — Volume 3

It’s been a minute since we shared our favorite TV shows and movies, so I invited Todd to help me sift through what’s good and what’s not. Remember, Todd is my friend who will watch the dark and twisty shows, so if you’re looking for murder or scary or think pieces, he’s your guy. On the other hand, I talk about Vampire Diaries for way too long. We make a

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IHGB #251 – Now Playing: Volume 2

Can you believe the last time we discussed music and movies on this podcast was SEPTEMBER? What in the world? That explains why Todd’s list of binge-worthy shows and films is as long as my arm. The good news is that I recruited Lara to join us to help Todd sift through the dark and twisty shows since I don’t enjoy watching people get killed for no reason. Additionally, Lara

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