Earth Day

When I think back on memories of Earth Day, one image comes to mind. Guzzling water like a dehydrated fool, which I did one year.

I lived in Dallas and there was a big Earth Day movement that involved planting a garden or planting a tree or digging something in the dirt. I forgot that our office team members signed up to be on an Earth Day Squad, so I came to work in my darling suit from Casual Corner, complete with pantyhose and sensible pumps.

And that’s how I worked in the dirt that day.

Why in the world didn’t I just go home and change? Or point to my ensemble, clearly signifying that I was in no way prepared for what awaited me in the bowels of downtown?

Earth Day could have been renamed HOTTER THAN CRAP DAY in Texas that year. Did I mention the suit was wool?

Why in the world am I wearing wool in the spring? Did my mother not teach me anything?

So there I was, slowly melting away on the corner of San Jacinto and Pearl, daintily using my precious pumps to force the spade of a shovel into some very hard ground. Ground that I’m sure, in no way, produced enough nutrients for that tree we planted to live a full life.

Why in the world did we not bring water with us?

Probably because they were in plastic bottles and our fellow Earth Day-ans would judge us for drinking our water from poisonous vessels.

When we got back to the office, I put my entire head under the reusable water bottle container in the break room and let…it…flow.

There was no shame in my sweaty game.

So today, I invite you while you’re riding your bike, packing your lunch in a reusable container, or recycling Dr Pepper cans, to take this lovely playlist with you and remember your own Earth Day memories!

And remember to hydrate.
And to not wear wool.
Or shoulder pads.

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