IHGB Podcast #103: Crazy Stupid Love

My new podcast series is so much fun! It’s sponsored by my book It’s a Love Story, which is out on April 30, but available for pre-order now! And if you do pre-order, you’re going to get tons of fun bonuses that one one else receives. Click HERE for details.

This love story series is all about romantic movies. I invited a few of my friends to help me dissect some of our favorite romcoms. In this episode, my friend Melanie Shankle and I go overboard discussing Crazy Stupid Love.

This movie taught us to fight for what we love, to fight for WHO we love, and proves that there is magic in the Dirty Dancing lift.

But most importantly, it encourages us to be better than The Gap.


Do you remember the Crazy Stupid Love trailer?

Check out my friend Melanie Shankle‘s website and her books!

Here’s the Big Boo Podcast Melanie co-hosts with Sophie Hudson.

Pre-Order bonuses for It’s a Love Story


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Enjoy the show!

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