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Captain Twinkle Toes

Last night’s text exchange between me and my friend: Jill:  “Jake is a douche.” Lincee:  “He’s dancing to the song ‘Hip to be Square.’  Of course he’s a douche.” Annnnnnnd I think that about sums up last night’s Dancing with the “Stars” performance. What did you guys think?

A shower of rose petals? Really DWTS?

You all know by now how much I love the art of dancing.  Naturally, my DVR is very happy when Dancing with the “Stars” returns to TV each fall and spring. However, Jake eeking out his 15 minutes of fame on yet another reality show is somewhat chachy to me.  But then I stop and think to myself, “Duh Lincee.  Jake is a chach.  It makes total sense.” Then I

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Mama she’s crazy. Crazy over me.

I’d like to get some housekeeping out of the way before we begin the recap. ATTENTION OKLAHOMA READERS: I know that some of you know or know of someone who knows Jet and Cord McCoy – the alarmingly adorable brotherly cowboy duo of The Amazing Race. I implore you to do whatever it takes to secure me an introduction. We all know I’m a sucker for a cowboy hat. And

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So much greatness – I may spontaneously combust

Recap will be up as soon as I finish my petition for Webster’s Dictionary to consider “Half-Mesnick” as an official verb of the English language.

We’re putting it up to a vote.

Will Captain Jake choose Vienna or Tenley?  Will Ali quit her job at Facebook and return wearing a yellow formal to steal his heart away?  Or will Jake’s stunt double ride off on a motorcycle into the sunset…destined to be alone forever. At least until the Bachelor Pad 2.0 debuts next fall, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s your choice readers.  Be heard. [poll id=”4″]

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