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Bachelorette Andi recap: So that’s what goes on in the fantasy suite

Spoiler alert: Andi traveled around the world to become engaged to a guy who lives five minutes down the street. Josh is happy. His dog is happy. Andi is happy. And Hy is working on accepting his soon-to-be sweaty son-in-law. That’s called a victory in Bachelor Nation. Of course with every happy ending, there’s always someone who is left sulking in the corner, confused by the fact they too got

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Andi and Harrison’s big day

First things first — A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HOST CHRIS HARRISON! I’m sure this is exactly what he wished for as he effortlessly blew out the candles on his birthday cake Saturday. We’re glad you were born Harrison. Second things second — It’s final rose day ladies and gentlemen and it’s time to vote. Who will Andi choose? This guy? Or this guy? Vote now! [poll id=”28″]

Bachelorette recap: Andi takes a ride on a big green tractor

I picture Old McDonald sooooo differently now. Am I right? I can’t believe we are eight weeks in the season ready for hometown dates. Andi is so lucky that every single one of the four men she has left are unbelievable guys who would make perfect husbands. Of course, Marcus would make a perfect husband for someone other than Andi, but we’ll get to that, and the most awkward, random,

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‘Bachelorette’ recap: You go Farmer

It’s the last week before hometown dates and Andi is determined to get all six remaining men to confess that they are either falling in love or actually in love with her. There’s no time to lose! Put down the Belgian waffle, slap on a feminine scarf and let’s explore Brussels! SIMPLE DISCLAIMER The following information you are about to read is of personal opinion. However, if you or someone

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What do we think about Nick?

Please take a moment to watch this clip from tonight’s show: My thoughts: How many hoodies do these guys own? Does Dylan wash his hair? Can one of the previous bachelorettes please score him a bottle of Suave shampoo? I hope Coach doesn’t get wrapped up in the drama. Do you think Nick is a villain? [poll id=”26″]

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