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Bachelor Nick on ‘A Christmas Cruise’

Thanks to several savvy IHGB readers who reached out to me, warning reminding me that a blessed event was about to unfold before our eyes, I am happy to report that I watched The Christmas Cruise featuring none other than season 21’s Bachelor Nick Viall. Now when I say I “watched” this made-for-TV movie, I mean I gave it a solid 20 minutes before I started to fast forward in

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Dancing with the Stars Finale Recap: Part 2

Dancing with the Stars finale recap: Part 2: I am about to discuss the winner of Dancing with the Stars, so if you haven’t watched yet, or you’ve been dodging social media for the past twelve hours, you probably want to skip this post. This is your fair warning! After 150-hours of blatant advertising for the Dancing with the Stars tour, coming to a venue near you, and fun walks down

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale Part 1

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Finale Part 1 Only three remain: one good dancer, one okay dancer, and one baseball player. There’s no time to waste this episode, because we have the redemption round coming up. Plus, a lot of people are super excited about the premiere of The Bachelorette, so let’s get this show on the road! David and Lindsay Redemption Dance: Viennese Waltz “Let’s Hurt Tonight” by OneRepublic

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Dancing with the Stars recap: Semi-Finals

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Semi-Finals Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the season 24 semi-finals, please scroll on down to the first set of contestants in bold. Those of us who did tune in last night need to process through a few feelings we have, thanks to a certain twist of events during the elimination announcements. Seriously. Scroll down. I don’t want you to blame me for ruining it

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Dancing with the Stars recap: It’s week 8, y’all

Dancing with the Stars recap: Season 24, Week 8 When you hit the two-month mark on Dancing with the Stars, you start to hear a lot of chatter from Tom and the judges regarding two topics: The Dancing with the Stars summer tour is coming to a city near you! It’s week 8. You should be doing better at this point in the competition. And if your name is Len Goodman,

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