Dancing with the Stars recap: Finale Part 2

By now you’ve heard (or you noticed the photo of this post) that Nyle and Peta took home the mirrorball trophy for season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. I have to say, they deserved it. Although I would have jumped for joy if Paige had won, no one can say that Nyle can’t dance. He can.

Here’s a quick rundown of 11 takeaways from last night to help you talk about this subject, should a co-worker bring it up as you stand around a water cooler.

  1. The show was two hours long. Seventy-five-percent of that air time was stuff we had already seen.
  2. A blooper reel will always make a live finale show better. This is a fact. Erin Andrews is hilarious.
  3. Speaking of Erin, she wore a black transparent gown made of gossamer over a plain black bodysuit. Ginger borrowed it for her Argentine Tango/Foxtrot fusion number with Val.
  4. Pitbull is indeed, Mr. Worldwide. That guy is everywhere, including the DWTS finale.
  5. Carrie Ann signed a thank you remark to Nyle that made him, and his mom, cry buckets of tears. Then everyone started crying, including me.
  6. Val and his brother Maks are going on the road this summer and they want you to come see them dance with each other. They seem pretty desperate to get the news out.
  7. Witney and Lindsay played a Family Feud-style game with Von as the host. He asked them basic questions about general knowledge. Neither of them performed well and I fear that we may need to introduce tutors on the set next season. For the record, Lindsay thinks the Vice President’s name is John Boner and Witney thinks the capital of California is Los Angeles. The good news is that both can identify a boob cutlet. Heaven help them.
  8. There were a ton of celebrity singers showcased on the show. Please don’t ask me who they were. I only know Mr. Worldwide.
  9. Sweet Paige treated her last day in the rehearsal room like it was graduation. She all but signed Mark’s yearbook. She refused to say good-bye, promising that she would see him again soon. She also took her loss like a champ. Mark? Not so much. He used his birthday wish to secure a victory and it didn’t come true. Lame.
  10. Thanks for reading the recaps this season! I love writing them and I appreciate those of you who stop by to read my crazy thoughts!
  11. I’m the winner here. Truly. Can someone make me a mirrorball trophy?
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May 25, 2016 6:56 pm

Deaf applause (hands waving overhead)!!! I’m pasting pieces of mirror on a styrofoam ball for you right now, Lincee…but I don’t think you want this trophy. So let me just say THANK YOU (I’m signing it like CAI) for the wonderful, funny, entertaining recaps! You are a very bright spot on the internet and I love this little world you’ve created and invited us into.

I’m so happy Nyle won, so sorry Ramon wasn’t there to share it with him, and so shocked that Tom B totally ignored Nyle in the winner’s interview and threw his question to Peta instead. Deaf people typically get marginalized like this, and Nyle took it in stride, but in 22 seasons this is the first time the winner wasn’t asked how it felt to win. It was jarring to me.

May 25, 2016 9:40 pm

I usually find Carrie Ann really annoying, but I was very touched and impressed when she signed a message to Nyle. That was classy.

May 27, 2016 2:58 pm

Although Nyle can definitely dance and was amazing despite being deaf, I still think Paige was by far the best and deserved the mirror ball having consistently outperformed the rest with very difficult routines. I was happy for Peta; that had to have been a challenge to communicate with Nyle but she did a great job. There is way too much fluff in the finale. And Carrie Ann’s never ending critiques are so annoying…judges should have a time limit to give their critique and scores.

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