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Bachelorette Katie Recap: Master of His Domain

Bachelorette Katie Recap | Week 6 I feel like I ask this question every season in the past couple of years, but have we reached a new low? Did Katie actually suggest a “fun idea” for the guys to “not partake in self-care?”  Being pure as the driven snow, I stumbled through Katie’s phrasing. Luckily, Kaitlyn and Tayshia were right there with me, asking the questions that were bouncing around in

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Bachelorette Katie Recap: Ball Bash

Bachelorette Katie Recap | Week 5 When you think Katie has eliminated all of the problem children from the resort, Hunter decides to tap into the monstrous side of his Jekyll and Hyde personality. I clocked thirty minutes of harmonious bliss before Hunter slipped into a wrestling singlet and willingly slammed his body into anyone holding an orange ball.  And when I write “harmonious bliss,” I mean harmonious bliss. Guys were

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