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Bachelor Clayton Season Finale: I love you the MOST

Why has this recap taken so long to write? Do I not understand the emotional gravity of a season finale? Even one as boring as Clayton’s?  Yes. I do understand. But I have a few reasons why this one has tripped me up.  For one thing, a lot of life has happened over the past few months, and there are many balls to juggle. I’m afraid several have come tumbling

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IHGB #256: Bachelor Clayton Fantasy Suites

Y’all. What is happening on The Bachelor? How did we have so much drama packed into forty-five minutes? There’s so much to unpack, and Some Guy in Austin and I make it our mission to figure out precisely what Clay-en is thinking. Was he going 3 for 3? Does he really love three women? Can we count on that volcano being dormant? Would Susie have walked away with the Future

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Bachelor Clayton Women Tell All Recap

Bachelor Clayton Recap | Women Tell All If you’ve been around this website for a hot minute, you know that watching Women Tell All has never been at the top of my list of things I enjoy doing. However, because I love you people and am a professional, I prepared myself for a night of hysterical antics by watching dramatic clips of Real Housewives on YouTube and reading negative book reviews

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IHGB #255: Bachelor Clayton Hometowns

Well, it seems like just yesterday, Clay-en was the big, bumbling guy trying to capture Michelle’s attention by building forts for children out of hotel bed sheets.  Now he’s buying flowers, meeting parents, and attempting to judiciously answer the question, “Do you love my daughter?” It’s hometowns. That means scary siblings, difficult dads, and random wannabes who are either vying for screen time or slowly wishing The Bachelor camera crews

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Bachelor Clayton Recap: Psychoanalyzed

Bachelor Clayton Recap | Episode 7 Did I watch a fourth of this episode with my thumb firmly pressed on the fast-forward button? Maybe. But that didn’t stop me from having a fine time witnessing Clayton almost self-destruct at the word “performance” as he pulled at his tight-fitting turtleneck in Vienna. Clayton fully embraces the mantra that many bachelors and bachelorettes adopted in the last decade by not playing by the

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