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IHGB Podcast #73: Fall Movie Preview

Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s podcast is one of my favorites. I’m discussing upcoming fall movies with my friend Todd and there are A TON that make me smile and a few that make me scared. Sounds about right. There’s a famous astronaut, a creepy snake guy (no, thank you), a film that is already getting all sorts of Oscar buzz, and a certain British nanny who is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. The fall 2018 movie

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 4: Favorite Big Screen Love Stories

As promised, this is my first non-Bachelor related podcast on I Hate Green Beans. My friend Lara joins me to discuss our favorite love stories on the big screen. Spoiler alert: The photo of this post does NOT make the cut. I know…SCANDALOUS! Find out why by clicking below. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Four months ago we celebrated Pretty in Pink’s 30th anniversary and now it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’s turn. Once again, my friend Stephanie rallied the troops so we could all enjoy one of our favorite flicks at an actual movie theater. Look! There’s Abe Froman on the big screen! It was glorious. It also proves that 1986 was a stellar year. Even though I once had a legitimate crush on

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My thoughts on the ‘Best Picture’ nominees

I have a few thoughts on the “Best Picture” nominees for the Oscars this weekend. 1. I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated. Okay, so maybe I have a single thought on the “Best Picture” nominees for the Oscars this weekend. Therefore, I need your help. If you had to choose ONE movie to see this weekend before the awards show, what would you recommend, knowing my personality? Here

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10 years later and I still love ‘The Notebook’

This week marks 10 years since I sat in a darkened movie theater, mesmerized by The Notebook. It had everything I’ve ever wanted in a romance: young love, lost love and a determined man who will stop at nothing to get the girl. Ryan Gosling was certainly the cherry on top. I’m probably one of a million girls who either own the movie or can’t help but watch when it’s

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