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Bachelorette Michelle Recap: I Feel the Need

Bachelorette Michelle Recap | Week 3 I think my bracket is officially busted, but I’m fine with that result. I had producers keeping jack wagon Jamie around for another week of manipulation. So it is with great joy that I announce our sweet Michelle sent him packing with a curt, “Good-bye.”  Of course, Rick was the one who helped peel away her rose-colored Jamie glasses. I still think something shady is going

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Bachelorette Michelle Recap: The Real MVP

Bachelorette Michelle Recap | Week 2 Let’s get one thing straight: I like Michelle. I do. And I don’t appreciate it when stupid boys make her cry. We can’t have one of my favorite bachelorettes of all time dissolve into a puddle of confusing tears multiple times in one episode, for heaven’s sake. I feel this maternal urge to protect her at all costs, and there are way too many jack wagons

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