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Bachelorette Charity Recap: Love Hurts

Bachelorette Charity Recap | Finale ABC did its best to trick us during Charity’s final moments on her journey to find love, and let me tell you, dear reader, IT WORKED. I had all but monogrammed Joey’s initials on a towel and sent my practical engagement gift in the mail postmarked “Charity’s House | Georgia” when his bright blueberry suit pant leg unfolded itself out of the limo. First. In. Line.

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Bachelorette Charity Recap: Home Sweet Home

Bachelorette Charity Recap | Hometowns How is it already time for hometowns? I feel like Charity’s romantic journey to find love has been more of a brisk powerwalk around the block to see who is available, am I right? How is she supposed to figure out if she likes someone if she’s only known them for three to four weeks versus the traditional seven to eight weeks? Something tells me the

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Bachelorette Charity Recap: Let the Good Times Roll

Bachelorette Charity Recap | Episode 5 Laissez le bon temps rouler!  I totally Googled that. It means, “Let the good times roll.” I wish y’all could have been at my house on Tuesday night when I told Lara, “La boheme la booze fair!” She knew what I was trying to say but laughed uncontrollably nonetheless. I had a thing on Monday night, so I had to watch the show on Tuesday. You

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Bachelorette Charity Recap: Barbie Girl

Bachelorette Charity Recap | Episode 3 Look! All the guys are doing pushups on the freshly sprayed driveway and pullups on the pergola. That means the guys must be totally confident in their bodies and have no need to go bare-chested in front of one another to prove their masculinity. It’s all about healthcare with these fine young men. Of course, anyone over the age of twenty-eight is already feeling like

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IHGB #304: Bachelorette Charity Episode 2 Recap

Hello everyone! Well, Charity is in her second week of trying to find love and Some Guy in Austin and I are slightly worried this may not work out for our bachelorette. In this episode, we discuss our deepest concerns, such as: FYI: One of us thinks it’s straight-up Mr. Rogers. The other thinks it’s a warm hug. Can you guess who said what? EPISODE NOTES: Click HERE to read

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