IHGB #287: Bachelor Zach Episode 2 Recap

I don’t want to be a big fat bummer, but I have a complaint to start off the podcast. 

First, something weird happened with our audio. About twenty minutes into the podcast, my program kicked me and Some Guy out. No big deal. We just started recording again. 

Alas, I assume I was kicked out because something was wonky with the recording side of things because when I went to edit the show, my audio is off, and Some Guy was super loud. I tried to fix it the best I could. The good news is that once you get to the 20-minute mark where I was kicked out, the new session sounds great! So there you go.

Get behind me, Satan. 

I know I am not alone in my stance against mom jeans. I’ve seen your shocked Tweets. I acknowledge your emphatic DMs. This generation is clearly not listening to their elders. Zach’s roster of women is full of gorgeous beauties. Unfortunately, each and every girl who meticulously gets dressed for the day portion of her date looks like her butt is fifteen inches long. Why? I ask you again — WHY?

Speaking of bad choices, I can confirm that Greer decided to wear her snap crotch bodysuit – unsnapped – TWICE on national television. I need the ABC Psychotherapist to intervene. Immediately.

Finally, I knew I was turning into my grandmother when I became exhausted by the term “bad b!tch.” It was uttered 482 times. Literally.

On the flip side, I did enjoy the gratuitous shot of Zach soaping himself up in the shower. Although he is a nice-looking man, I found myself appreciating his manly chest hair.

Bless my heart and get off my lawn.


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Paula W
Paula W
February 8, 2023 10:55 am

You guys are killing me hating on the white chocolate! It’s my FAVORITE!! Hilarious podcast as always. Can’t wait for your commentary on the Bal-Zach’s next week!

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