IHGB #294: Bachelor Zach Finale

Hello everyone!

We’ve made it through an entire season of ups and downs, and finally, we have the answer to who Zach chose at the end of his journey to find love. Some Guy in Austin and I break the finale down, discussing many important details, such as:

  • Was Ariel’s “After the Final Rose” dress inspired by Princess Leia or a Greek goddess?
  • What did Gabi put in her hair to create such a slick ponytail? And was she going for the girls in Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video? Or was her outfit just a metaphorical flipping of the bird to Zach in the form of a severe black get-up that screams, “I’m doing just fine. I know my dress appears that I’m prepping for heart surgery, but there’s no need to worry about me. Paradise, here I come!”
  • We also wonder if there’s such a thing as being too honest.
  • And finally, we debate if Zach is a schmuck.

PS: The answer is yes, he is a schmuck. A nice schmuck, but schmuck nonetheless.


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