IHGB #286: Bachelor Zach Episode 1 Recap

Hello everyone!

It’s been so long since we’ve gathered together to watch a very tall white man journey to find love. I will have you know that this season marks TWENTY YEARS since I’ve been recapping this darling little show, and I couldn’t be more excited about Zach and his ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in the timespan of an Avatar movie.

Some Guy in Austin and I discuss Zach’s roster of fine ladies and answer really important questions, such as:

  • Does Ariel have legs?
  • What was Greer covering up with her Band-Aid?
  • Was Holland drunk before she entered the limo?
  • And did Madison hide a Xanax in her ample bosom?

Join us as we pick through all thirty women, only to have a third of them sent home. Zach isn’t messing around, people. He’s ready to find love!


Here’s the link to our official Bachelor Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!!

Click HERE to check out my handy roster cheat sheet!

Click HERE to be sucked in by the stats on Bachelor Data!


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