IHGB #290: Bachelor Zach Podcast – Episode 6

I’m about to say something you never thought you’d hear from me, Lincee Ray, who has been recapping this “darling” reality show for twenty years. Are you ready?

The Bachelor made me wiser. I actually gained knowledge while watching on Monday night. Going into the debacle, I would not have been able to point to Estonia on a world map. Now, if one day I’m asked, I can report that it is a hop, skip, and jump over the Baltic Sea from Finland.

This is big news, my friend. HUGE. Why?

Because I also learned that Estonia is the perfect place to fall in love. Where else can you find your future mate while dabbling in witchcraft, hanging out with nude old people in hot tubs, and participating in the age-old “wife-carrying” competition? Grab your passport, single people. We’re going to Eastern Europe!


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March 3, 2023 5:31 pm

While I listen to your podcasts, the VERY best part is listening to you guys laugh and giggle. Love them. Thanks for all you do.

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